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Orange tuesday diversion lab is an experimental graphic project created by Topaze Tuesday.

Topaze was born in Tokyo, studied cinema and audiovisual in Paris. She is currently working for an advertising agency in Dublin.

She has sometimes red hair and sometimes blonde, brunette, ash brown...Let's say, "she comes in colours everywhere."

So..catch her, if you can!

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Imaginary CD jacket for Yosui Inoue's song "Riverside hotel."

This photo was taken while I was staying in a hotel.I didn't retouch it because I love using the realistic lights. I really admire the artwork of Néstor Almendros.

Neon sign for the imaginary movie theatre "cinema paradiso 楽園映画."

For me, neon signs symoblize 2 contradictory aspects; the nostalgic feeling and the modernity.

Imaginary record cover for Carlos Kazuyoshi Rodríguez Morita (aka Tamori), the legendary jazz player and critic in Japan.

Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald’s “Returns to Berlin” (1961)

Imaginary movie poster for " Good morning" directed by Yasujiro Ozu.

Focused on European Japonisme style.Inspired by the vivid color of Hanafuda cards.

Ode to Fujio F Fujiko, 藤子F不二雄,
the greatest mangaka.

Inspired by Paul Verlaine's text: "J'ai l'extase et j'ai la terreur d'être choisi."

Imaginary movie poster for “Splendor in the grass” directed by Elia Kazan.

Inspired by Dick Bruna’s aesthetic. Used only his exact color chart.